Easily Build Beautiful Websites
and Manage Your Agency at Scale

Point . Click . Publish . Profit

Run Your Agency in the Azure
Cloud Without Engineers

Manage one or more websites from a single portal and publish to
Azure with the team you have without limits or paywalls


Monetize Your Own
White Label Marketplace

Create your own product mix, set pricing, and manage the downstream customer experience


Create Your Own Product Mix


Create white-label products in your app store. Add custom graphics, descriptions, titles, and manage pricing. Then invite users and workspaces to build an agency.


Enjoy Automated Billing

Invoices are automatically sent directly to your invited workspaces, payments are made directly to you through your payment connection, and Papr bills you base unit costs 30-60 days later. You control your finances and income stays in your account longer, just t


Set Your Own Pricing & Checkout Options


Add margin to PAYG pricing controls via the App Store Product Builder, bundle products, create incentives for advanced unit pricing, and add checkout controls through the simple point-and-click dashboard.


Connect Payments


Connect your app store to your merchant account using your credentials. Control the payment experience with integrated checkout controls that empower you to personalize the payment experience for every user no matter where they are. 

Expand Your Stack
with Payment Apps

Extend fully-agnostic payment services to your clients to increase revenue and monetize the latest in payments technology

Manage One-off
Customer Invoicing

Create custom payment schedules, recover credit card fees, set your own branding, and send email payment links

What's Next


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