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Build Your Digital Business without Losing Control of Your Most Valuable Asset.

Pioneering Data Ownership for Digital Business. is a new breed of platform that combines the power of the cloud and private data ownership with the tools, technology, and services businesses use every day.

Get Connected
Build beautiful sites and securely publish to the cloud.
Sell online with next generation cloud commerce shops.
Send invoices and collect payments.
Route and securely store data in your personal cloud account.
Resell apps and cloud services with Papr Agency.

Your All-In-One Data Portability and Business Platform.

Take control of your digital footprint while maintaining ownership of data assets.



Build Your Business Better


Publish content to the Web without technical know-how. Papr no-code publishing and content management tools make it simple to get started with little or no technical know-how. Point, click, publish. 



Start an Agency.


No matter your skill level, past experience, or capital commitment you can start, manage, and build a first-class agency with no commitment, no contracts, no obligations, or quotas with Papr Cloud Agency Tiers.



Use What You Need and Pay as You Grow Apps and Cloud Services.


Create your own mix of pay as you go apps and services. Choose only the apps you need to run your business and pay for what you use. No contracts, no minimums, no commitments.

It's Your Data You Should Get to Keep It.

Create, maintain, manage, and securely store your data with the all-in-one platform from



Protect Profits with Portable Payments Integrations.


Avoid vendor lock-in, optimize payments, dramatically reduce processing fees, and increase conversions with the all-in-one portable payments platform and integrated apps from Scratch for



Securely Connect and Store Data in Your Personal Cloud.


Papr pre-built integrations and simple to use interfaces help you link all your account data in just a few easy steps. 


The Benefits of Data Ownership.

The future of long-term wealth is data ownership. 


Valued Asset


Data is a valuable asset that is sold indiscriminately between 3rd parties for billions. Humans are waking up to the value their data holds and are demanding ownership, control, and access.


Choice & Mobility


Data ownership eliminates vendor lockin and gives businesses the ability to choose how, when, where and what data they share reducing costs by empowering businesses to easily shift vendors.


Visibility & Control


Unified data provides businesses with rich insights into all aspects of their business, enables connections between disparate applications for optimizing operations and eliminating manual tasks.




Your Timing Has Never Been Better

Take control of your content. Take control of your future. is a distributed / remote diverse work environment by design. + BOODLE