Our Mission is Simple.

Empower individuals with the ability to build wealth through entrepreneurship and private data ownership.



Power to the Portable Platform.

The age of digital autonomy is here.

Through simple user interfaces and a distributed framework normal humans are now endowed with the opportunity to compete at scale.



Entrepreneurship for Everyone.

With Liberty and Justice for all.

Unlike the last generation of digital commerce solutions that served to build wealth for only a few, Papr is a modern "People First" Platform-as-a-Service born in the cloud and built for everyone with the future of digital asset ownership in mind.



Our Approach.

Quality and complexity in data limit the collection of data at scale for everyday humans while lack of simple surfaces to manage data makes it valuable only to those with the right tools to employ it. This is where Papr.cloud comes in.

Connect Data
Collect, connect and secure data as a personal asset.
Zero Trust
Create secure connections for anonymized interactions.
Use data as intended across any platform or vendor.
Normalize Data
Simplify and organize data so that it is usable between trusted parties.



Made by Humans Designed for Data Equality.


Every single day humans give away their most prized asset without thinking. Their Data. We wanted to change that so in 2016 we set out to solve the number one problem with technology. Data ownership.





Your Timing Has Never Been Better

Take control of your content. Take control of your future.

Papr.cloud is a distributed / remote diverse work environment by design.

papr.cloud + BOODLE